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California CareerZone                                           
CA CareerZone: Interest Profiler 
CA CareerZone: Work Importance Profiler 
Career One-Stop/Career Assessment 
Career One-Stop Toolkit 
Career Perfect/ Quick Work Preference Inventory 
Career Test 

Motivational Appraisal of Personality Potential (must login) - Take the quiz and get your results. The free report will give you insight for seeking your future career.  

My Next Move 
O*NET Interest Profiler
Personality Type - Answer simple questions to determine your Briggs Myers Personality Type then look at the careers that  match your type.  
SCANS - Pre-Employment Checklists       Form N     Form S 
SCANS- Self Assessment- Form N (m/m)  Form S (m/s)                                             
Transition Portfolio Guide 
Transition Resources for Diploma Bound Students with Autism
Student Input for the Transition Portion of the IEP - Worksheet
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