What is a SELPA?

The Ventura County SELPA office is responsible for the implementation of the Ventura County Special Education ​Local Plan, and for ensuring a free appropriate public education to all students with identified disabilities according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act PL 94-142 (amended by PL 108-446, 2004).  The Ventura County SELPA is the second largest multi-district SELPA in the state, serving 18,000 students with disabilities in the 19 districts in Ventura County, the Ventura County Office of Education and the Las Virgenes Unified School District in Los Angeles County. 

Areas of focus for the SELPA are:

· Identification and assessment of children with disabilities

· Interagency Agreements

· Procedural safeguards for children/families

· Required reporting to the California Department of Education

· Program review

· Facilitation of a Community Advisory Committee

· Personnel Development

· Coordination of career and vocational education

· Local Plan review



SELPA Administration       Special Education Contacts by District       Student Numbers SELPA-wide by Disability       Parent Guide to Special Education     

SELPA Administration
Emily Mostovoy-Luna - Assistant Superintendent

Local Plan Implementation
Interagency Coordination, Policies & Procedures
SELPA Office Operations
Related Staff:  Adapted PE Teachers, Assistive Technology Assessment Center,
Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Residential Placement Consultants 
Yanka Ricklefs - Director of Personnel Development
Sarah Fontenot - Administrative Assistant II
Barbara Rush - Administrative Assistant II

Program & Personnel Development
Early Start
Related Services Staff:  Social/Emotional Services Specialists, DHH Teachers

Joanna Della Gatta - Director of Technical Support and Transition
Juanita Delgadillo - Administrative Assistant II
SIRAS Support, Forms & Instructions
Private Schools
Pattern of Strengths & Weaknesses Model
WorkAbility Program
Related Services Staff:  Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, WorkAbility Specialists
Department Directory